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Peek-A-Boo Elephant Toy

Do you belong to those who still remember their
first baby toys that were your best friends and company for funny games? Most
people still have the dearest memories about theirs. That is why parents are so
attentive in selecting toys for their children, especially for small ones, for
who it is very important. If you are looking for the best toy, we would love to
present you a peek-a-boo elephant toy – one of the most adorable plush toys
ever that is sure to make your kid delighted. 

Why is this elephant worth ordering? Here are its main benefits:

This plus toy has two playing modes to entertain your child, so he or she can choose between them. If the kid wants to listen to a song and to sing together with the elephant, he or she should press the right foot. Pressing the left one, the child can play an interactive peek-a-boo game.

The toy will serve you for many years because its surface is made of a material that is easy to clean and suits for even very small children. Besides, it is very soft, which makes it attractive for any child.

The combination of sound, the fabric pleasant to the touch, and bright colors, the kid will stop crying. Lovely actions will add more pleasure to your child’s playing. For young children, this toy is not too large that can be intimidating or scary. Choose from gray, gray/pink, and gray/blue color designs to match your baby’s gender. 

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  • This toy has a lot of functions
  • You can choose the color
  • It is adorable
  • The toy is washable
  • It is a good companion to your kid
  • Child-sized to match your baby

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  • Philip Brown
    13 May 2021

    My daughter received this as a gift and let me tell you, it is THE cutest singing stuffed animal i have ever seen! It’s such great quality, so so soft and well made and the voice is super cute. (Not creepy like some!!) The elephant’s ears move to the music and play peek-a-boo with baby. It’s held up great so far even with my 1.5-year-old pulling on the ears and pushing the buttons a hundred times a day! We show this off to everyone! I think it will become my go-to baby gift for friends now, and would definitely purchase another one if anything were to happen to ours. I am shocked at the price, something this great of quality and cuteness would generally be upwards of $35-40, so at this price is the perfect buy!!

  • Alexander Willis
    13 May 2021

    One of the cutest toys I have bought. Purchased for granddaughter and she loves it! Her Mom always says, “hey, baby” to her so it amazed her. She loves the ears moving.This is second product review I have sent. Grandbaby plays with this all of the time and she loves it! It is also holding up nicely. She likes to put her face between the ears while it is playing.The most favorite toy I have bought in a very long time. It is so sweet.

  • Kelly Cruz
    13 May 2021

    We love Flappy! It was so fun watching my son discover Flappy — he’s really captivated by it. I also enjoy singing along. It’s nice because it doesn’t stay on too long. Also, it can be shutoff at any point, your not forced to have it play to the end once it starts.

  • Jerry George
    13 May 2021

    I found this elephant on lightening deal and it had great reviews. I decided to get it for my newborn and she loves it. I use it for when I change her diaper. it sings a song and also plays hide and seek. It’s ears come down over its eyes and then back to normal. It is very cute and babies love it! It is a decent size as well.

  • Lauren Stephens
    13 May 2021

    Honestly, when I saw that my sister bought a singing and talking toy for my daughter I squirmed… who wants another obnoxious toy. This guy isn’t at all! He is super cute, so soft, and she loves him. Even my husband isn’t annoyed! Win-win for everyone! I’ll definitely buy one for a baby gift in the future.

  • Elizabeth Wright
    6 Feb 2021

    Very cute elephant for any baby or toddler who is an elephant fan. The only downside is that the volume is VERY loud and there is no way to turn it down. Otherwise, quality product for a great price.

  • Dylan Campbell
    6 Feb 2021

    My grandbaby loves this toy! She didn’t know what to think at first but now picks this first to play with when she comes over. She had the buttons figured out at 10 months old and carries it everywhere.

  • Hannah Ward
    6 Feb 2021

    I bought this for an almost 3 year old for Christmas and now I want to write a feedback. This little elephant has quickly become a favorite buddy. His fur is amazingly soft, his ears are very flexible (they will not be easily broken if your child bends them) and his voice is so sweet. The sound quality for the voice is great, and the volume is not too loud like some toys. This is the perfect gift for any occasion!

  • Gary Williams
    6 Feb 2021

    This plush toy is adorable, super soft, just the right size for little hands, clear words, and music, the flapping ears playing peek a boo make you smile, would buy again!

  • Tiffany Kennedy
    6 Feb 2021

    Wonderful toy for babies/toddlers. My neice loved it from the very start. The sound/voice is loud and clear. Perfect gift for the holidays!

  • Christian Wood
    6 Feb 2021

    It was gifted to my almost 4-month-old son for Christmas this year. The voice of the elephant is very sweet and not annoying like some toys. It is a loud volume and piques the baby’s interest. The ears cover the eyes and pass for a second before opening up. I like that it has buttons on the feet for singing or playing. It is crazy soft. So soft I almost dropped it a couple of times lol.

  • Judy Marshall
    6 Feb 2021

    The elephant is very cute and I like the colors better than the other brands. But you need to sit it on a pillow or blanket to be able to understand it. Loud and not great sound quality.

  • Robert Sanders
    6 Feb 2021

    My wife fell in love with this and we bought it for our first Great-Grand Child. When she gets a little older, she will Love It…

  • Jacob Lawrence
    6 Feb 2021

    I’ve been wanting this for my baby since before she was born. The minute I saw it I knew she would love it. She’s 4 months now, we just received it this morning and she’s been playing and screaming at it all morning so far she likes it.

  • Juan Lee
    6 Feb 2021

    My daughter received this as a gift, and it is so cute, plush, and soft. I had already purchased the book “If Animals Kissed Goodnight” separately, so now she has the set. I will definitely consider purchasing one of these as a gift in the future! As a side note, the gift fits perfectly with the elephant theme of the shower invitations, favors, and decorations.

  • Christine Moore
    6 Feb 2021

    This is the cutest toy I have ever seen! My 3-month-old grandson could not quit staring at it! I’m so glad I purchased this adorable elephant!

  • Donna Parker
    6 Feb 2021

    My baby love to play Peek-A-Boo! He loves the ears moving. The fur is very soft and cuddly. Very well made! It’s one of the cutest toys I have bought. Makes me laugh every time too!
    There is just one song, the more songs the better.

  • Cynthia Holland
    5 Feb 2021

    My son has the gund version and our niece loved it so I thought I’d get her one in pink. It’s not as good but still super cute and soft!

  • Teresa Clark
    5 Feb 2021

    This is the most adorable elephant ever with the most adorable voice and ear action. Every child and parent loves it when we give it as a gift!

  • Christina Griffin
    5 Feb 2021

    So adorable!! Waaayyy cuter than I thought it would be. Got it for the baby but all the kids were playing with it. Very cute, would make an excellent gift.

  • Russell Newman
    25 Jan 2021

    Purchased for my niece for her 1st birthday and she loves it! Hugged it immediately after opening and carries all around. Super soft and it’s peakaboo is super cute.

  • Jacqueline Guerrero
    25 Jan 2021

    This might be the cutest toy I have ever seen!! Sooo cute! Sings and talks right out of the box!

  • Jean Elliott
    25 Jan 2021

    Oh my gosh! This is too cute! I’m gifting it so I won’t have to listen to it all the time. The voice is child like, not too loud. The big floppy ears are adorable.

  • Russell Castro
    25 Jan 2021

    It was a great gift for two young children, who loved them right out of the package.

  • Kyle Guerrero
    25 Jan 2021

    What a sweet toy! My daughter became really interested in it at 6 months. It is durable and fun!


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